Where does Training fit in?

May 06, 2008

We have likely all been on training courses – good ones and bad ones. Training is typically designed to give new ideas, processes or tools to people at any level of an organization. At Evolve, we typically use coaching with the owner or the executives. Training services are used with the team.

Training is effective when you need to get a consistent message or program out to multiple people – like a sales team or a customer service department. Training is also great for interaction with a group – when you want people to share, collaborate and learn from each other.

Keys to good training programs:

1. One of the keys with good training programs is the type of follow-up they implement. It has been proven time and again that, when placed in a classroom-style training program for a day or more, people retain a very limited amount of information. This means it is essential for the follow-up component of the training to be extensive and to reinforce the content repeatedly.

2. Good training also impacts the processes of a business so that people can use their new information easily. Ensure that the new information works with the business policy and process so that integration is smooth and immediate.

3. Pre-work is another great training tool. With every training program, it quickly becomes apparent that not all participants are in the same place or posess the same skills. Knowing the starting point of each person can make training dramatically more effective and interesting. Knowing the audience creates a chance to really engage them – personally and directly.

4. Measurable results – if you haven’t figured out, in advance, how the training should impact your team, the biggest opportunity is being missed. Choose metrics in advance that can be monitored for results and upswings from your training program.

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