We help successful entrepreneurs and business owners formulate a larger vision for their business and their life. Then we work with them, in all areas of business, to manifest this vision.

We do this by coaching them, advising them, training them (and their teams) and ensuring effective implementation of our ideas. Clients’ vision and goals range from world domination, to early retirement, to a profitable business running without them.   Our work, beyond our regular coaching and advisory sessions, often includes more specific offerings, like:
  • Strategic Planning – facilitation and workshops
  • Assessments – DISC, VAK, Kolbe
  • Team Workshops – communication, goal setting, time management
  • Sales Training
  • Market Assessments
  • Service and Customer Experience training and workshops
  • Business Evaluations
  • Investment Strategies
We bring in outside resources and expertise when clients need specific help in areas we don’t specialize in.

Our clients’ vision and passion drive every decision, strategy and idea we employ.

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