Using Your Voice to Advance Your Career

October 07, 2014

In our experience with corporate environments, often the loudest voice is really just the biggest opinion and not the best facts.  The loud voice is tough to combat and work past but here are some ideas to do just that.

In your workplace, if you have an idea, an ambition or a passion you need to pursue it with consistent action. You may run into people who don’t see the same opportunity or vision but that doesn’t mean yours is wrong. In fact, often the more innovative you are, the less others will adopt your ideas … initially.  Watch out for the voice of experience, the voice of reason, the voice of “I’ve been in this business for …” All of these voices stifle real breakthroughs.

You need to ensure that your ideas and voice come with:

– well prepared talking points

– well thought out and developed ideas

– solutions to the obvious obstacles of your idea

– budgets and timelines if possible

– benefits or results of your idea

In your company you need to be the one coming up with fresh ideas and fresh ways to tackle the work. That is really what most leaders value – other people thinking about solutions for the business. 

So how often are you quietly seeing opportunity and then allowing an internal voice or the one in the next cubicle to tell you otherwise?

As a great exercise, start to come up with 5 solutions for every one of the problems you have in front of you today. The first 1 or 2 are easy. Then 3 pops up and then you really start to hit some new territory when you find 4 and 5. Maybe it’s a hybrid of 3 and 5 that you present in the next meeting. Maybe you float your new idea quietly over a coffee … but get it out there.

The best ideas come from the people in the business every day. The same people who are often thinking, no one will listen to my ideas.  But they will if you start a trend now of being an innovator and ideas person!

Business owners and managers love people that are creative, innovative and always working to solve a problem. They won’t take all your ideas and implement them but they will appreciate and remember your voice and efforts. So speak up now!

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