Alberta Training Grant – An affordable way to train your team!

Learning and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. It starts from day one, and becomes successive as your employees grow. Constantly improved employee’s skills, mindset and personal tools are critical so they can be ultra productive members of your team. Your team is essential in developing new processes, improving your customer experience and acquiring new markets. The Alberta Government is now offering the Alberta Job Training Grant – a grant that will provide up to $10,000 per employee, annually, in training subsidies for companies who seek team training and skills improvement.

Let us customize a training program for your company, and let the government pay for two-thirds of it!

What’s Involved?

In just a few simple steps we can start the training program that’s right for you!

  1. Applicants submit the Job Grant Application Form. This is a quick summary of participants taking the training, the content summary and when the training is to begin.
  2. Once the application has been submitted and approved (approval is primarily a confirmation of the participants and documentation of the training program), applicants can register and pay for training.
  3. Once payment is made, reimbursement is completed by the government for 66% of the training costs.

Training, whether one course or a combination of courses, must be a minimum of 24 instructional hours, start within 6 months of approval, and be completed within a consecutive 52 week period. Once training is complete each employee in the program with receive a certificate of completion from Evolve Business Group. We will be there every step of the way from application to completion to ensure this process and investment is one of the simplest decisions you make!

Why Should I?

Just a few of the benefits of employee training are:

  • New skill and knowledge acquisition
  • Existing skill and knowledge can be enhanced and updated
  • Practical resolutions to weaknesses
  • Improvements in confidence, capability, and competence
  • Employee support and affirmation
  • Learning progression to practice in the workplace
  • Improved performance at work
  • Enhanced team performance.

What We Do

We offer fully customized training solutions to address the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. These are typically in the areas of Sales; Customer Service or Customer Experience; and Leadership and Management skills. We understand that your business and training goals are unique, and that many organizations want a more highly customized training program for improving sales, employee performance, organizational communication and developing leaders.

How Do I Get Started?

Starting with conversations between our team and your key stakeholders, we build your training from the ground up. We’ll work together to identify and understand your training objectives and goals. From there, we’ll select the specific skills, strategies, and the appropriate delivery style to accomplish the objectives, develop the content, incorporate your culture, design exercises and activities for active participation, and offer follow-up coaching.

This grant is for a limited time and come 2017 will no longer be available. All training must be booked by October 2016. We only have 10 company spots available.

For more information on getting started, contact us at or (403) 283-8337.

Let’s make it happen!


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