Course Description:

Basic selling techniques and advanced tools for easier control (Month 1 – 3hrs) The basic framework and selling methodology of Selling Evolved is laid out to participants. The traditional model of the customer is always right is turned around to challenge good sellers to be a leader in the selling process and to develop their own style within the Selling Evolved framework that gives them key skills and steps to complete sales.

Overcoming objections and framing situations to eliminate them (Month 2 – 3hrs) Most sales people can identify what potential objections are going to come up before they do, except they don’t act to mitigate those objections early. We will address the methodology to identify and introduce objections proactively so they are eliminated before the prospects brings them to the conversation.

  Positioning & strategies used effectively in corporate selling (Month 3 – 3hrs) In order to have prospective clients following your process, it needs to be clearly mapped and also clearly understood so you can walk them through it, step by step. This involves the mapping of your most effective process, making it efficient and building a visual explanation of it prospects can see and understand. Using the DISC Profile system, we’ll address the definition of the different personality types as well as outline how to sell to them and how to quickly identify them in a sales situation through questions and key indicators.

  Selling Mindset and the mental and emotional side of long cycle sales (Month 4 – 3hrs) The successful mindset of a salesperson is often overlooked at a key tool in their artillery. Moving from apologetic to proactive and confident is something that spurs success but also is reflective in the confidence and decision making of prospects. This positive long term outlook of the selling mindset is even more important in long sales cycles and we map steps to maintain confidence in the minds of salespeople and their prospects.

  Building relationships that are sustainable, renewable and profitable for the business and for you (Month 5 – 3hrs) Following the Selling Evolved principles of Lead Help Guide, a key to good sales is managing the prospect through your sales process from the very moment they are contacted. We address how to get their buy-in to your leadership and what communication methods best allow you to control the conversation as well as foster trust and connection.

  Differentiation and Uniqueness in your marketplace from other suppliers and in your products (Month 6 – 3hrs) Building a case for why your company is the right choice and why you are the right sales professional to help them is a strategic argument and is most successful when it is defined early and has multiple angles to be used in any sales situation. We’ll define the differentiation process with the guidelines we know work time and again.

  Personal work habits that drives sales performance (Month 7 – 3hrs) So much discussion with prospects and clients takes place through email, written packages, proposals and even text messages. We’ll address format, content and word meaning that can hamper and help with each correspondence type in a sales situation. As well we’ll use the 9th Hour Time System to master the sales actions that need to take place. Finally we’ll define for participants their social media strategies – what is effective and what is just time consuming.

  Strategic Planning for Enterprise Sale (Month 8 – 3hrs) Large enterprise sales situations involving many decision makers and influencers demand a more strategic approach to messaging, sales process and creating urgency. We explore a standard approach for looking at an opportunity from a high level and considering all of the options and specifics of each enterprise deal.

  Course Timeline:

The ‘Selling … Evolved’ training program consist of 28 hours of classroom and workplace training


Selling … Evolved: $7,466.76 + gst / trainee


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