Course Length – 3 months

Training Hours – 21 hours with optional add on modules

Course Capacity – Minimum 3 participants

Course Instructor – Marty Park

Course Cost – $2,240 + gst / trainee

Course Map:

  • Introduction to Peak Performer Concepts (3 hours)
  • Frame work and Mindset of a Strong Communicator (3 hours) 
    • Identifying the key attributes of a good communicator
    • How are these attributes strengthened?
    • What tools are available to us
    • How does mindset impact our actions in communication
  • Ways to Assess People in Communication (3 hours) 
    • DISC
    • VAK
    • Layers of the human onion
  • Courageous Conversations (3 hours) 
    • How to frame conversations to improve outcomes
    • How deliberate rules and process helps office conversations
    • Understanding emotion below actions and words
  • Dealing with Conflict and Challenge (3 hours) 
    • How to diffuse tough situations and win people over
    • How to create teammates
    • Why conflict is healthy
  • Tenants of Good Leadership (3 hours) 
    • What characteristics do we associate with strong leadership
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses
    • What processes make a leader better
    • Self-Evaluation and reflecting your results back
  • Coaching your Team and the People Around You (3 hours) 
    • Methods for coaching and managing
    • Matching your natural style and expanding your tools
    • The power of questions
    • Communication – 3 levels of essential office communication


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