Leadership – All the Things you Hate!

November 05, 2014

What are the things you have hated about every job you’ve had? What things did your old boss or manager do that drove you up the wall or made you feel bad? Often realizing what didn’t empower you or inspire you in your career previously gives great insight into what you need to avoid as a leader.   “What did I hate before becomes, “What is the opposite action or appear I need to embrace?”

Leadership is often big words and wide sweeping concepts – vision, confidence, perseverance, etc. Real leadership often is those little moment day to day to the people working with you and for you. 

How active are you listening? How encouraging are you when they’re struggling? How do you respond to questions? How interested are you in them? Simple questions and the simple responses form your leadership style.   

So in order to start to consciously form your leadership style, establishing what you hated in the past and what you want to embody going forward needs to start with daily actions, reactions, and approaches. Someone doesn’t become a Visionary overnight or after reading a book. Visionary leadership starts with small actions daily and regular displays of actions that move towards vision.

Simply start by listing 5 experiences you had earlier in your career with a boss or supervisor where you hated it. Now think about what the opposite approach and traits would have been … those are 5 things you need to focus on.

Similarly, think of 5 experiences you had earlier in your career with a boss or supervisor where you loved it – you were empowered, inspired, pumped … add those traits of your boss to your list.

With up to 10 traits and actions for leadership that you can immediately start to focus on, you can begin to change your style of leadership today. Write those 10 traits on post-it notes all over in order to remind you and review them especially well before meetings and team one on ones.

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