​”Yesterday’s ‘Goal Setting’ training day was fantastic!!! That was one of the most enjoyable, educational, and motivational seminars that I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I sincerely appreciate being able to attend and participate. I’m really looking forward to the next training day in February.”

Kim Krebs Elite Agencies Inc.

“You are an amazing business coach who accepts our company’s big dreams as reality and jumps on board with our vision as if you were one of the team. You know that you are truly part of this team and a very intregral part of our strategic mind. I have many associates that have business coaches but see no real return on the investment made. The return on investment we have gotten with Evolve, as a company and as individuals, is enormous. The value you and Evolve have added to our lives as both business people and individuals is incredible.”

Ryan Suitcase Interactive

Drive Sales

​”I’m starting to enjoy my time at the shop more because of the things we discuss – almost like an instruction manual. I was skeptical, but I tell ya – I’m impressed.”

Jerry Digital Print Center

“We got more ideas on different lead generation strategies, we got solutions on how to handle both telephone and diagnostic objections and we even put in some practice on the trip home, to hone our skills. It was a fantastic pick-me-up, much needed and well worth the time and effort. (Evolve) provided great motivation, was a superb facilitator and trainer and I’m very glad I attended.”

Kiwi Marshall A.I. – UK

Create A Work-Life Balance

“Our sales increased by 236% in the first three months working with Marty and Evolve and implementing their strategies.”

Calgary Printing Company

“You exemplify that excellent blend of seriousness and FUN that coaching should be for both client and coach. As I recall, you either coined or underscored my favourite “takeaway”: “My confidence is greater than your doubt – we’ll get there!” If you’re not the one who said it, you’re certainly the one who lives it.”

Mike Kohler

Be A Better Leader

“Twenty of our management team attended a two-day “From the Peak” Leadership series that Evolve custom planned and facilitated for our museum. We were highly impressed by Evolve’s pre-session meetings with our organization; they really took the time to get to know us both institutionally and personally. Their innate understanding of organizational concerns, and the intuitive grasp of business issues help identify sessions that provided great impact in a short time frame.”

Lynn McShane
Glenbow Museum

“I was amazed at his simple yet practical approach to building a winning business. I have recommended him many times to my 1000+ client base, and in fact, have listed him as a recommended advisor for business coaching. Marty even showed me basic tips which contributed in over 40% sales growth year after year in PTC Canada with no hassle whatsoever.”

Neel Roberts Taxation and Accounting

Grow My Company

“The ideas and insight you gave me in how to plan and market my business were excellent. I had not looked at my business that way before and the time I now take planning each week is already starting to show dividends. I found your approach to selling very refreshing and motivating. I am now back in my business with a new confidence and organization.”

Jon Armstrong
Real Estate

Congratulations on the success you helped me achieve. I think many small companies and those not so small will surely benefit from what you bring to the table.”

Tom Clancy
TPC Solutions


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