September 15, 2016

Often business owners and entrepreneurs look to external influences to be the driving force to make their business better.  When the economy improves, business will improve.  When our supplier releases the new version of product, then business will improve.  When….

In fact, business starts to improve consistently and most powerfully, with the internal decision of you, the owner.  When you decide to be better, to challenge the day to day, and simply demand more, things improve. 

So starting with this autumn season, start to demand more.  Challenge yourself. 

Overlook what the media is saying about your market or your issues and find focus with what is going right.

Decide to believe in and focus on the abundance of work out there.  Yes even in a depressed market, there is still an abundance of prospects, clients and projects.

Challenge yourself to set a new sales goal, even if you don’t have all the answers on how it will be fulfilled.

Challenge yourself to be strategic and to set time aside to think about the business.  Set meetings around strategy starting now all the way into 2017.

Challenge yourself to make your team more cohesive and effective.  The intention alone will influence and impact people.  It is a first step to raising everyone’s game this fall.

Challenging yourself to be better is a cause that employees, suppliers and customers can all support.   Your striving to demand more from yourself and the business can be inspiring and admirable.   People back someone who is trying harder in a conscious way.

Your challenging yourself and the business should have some parameters.  You can improve everything all at once without diluting the effort, so choose 3-5 major things you know need to be better now.

You make not have a “master plan” to improve each of these areas yet.  So challenge yourself to simply find a first step or a first change in each area, no matter how small.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot wait for outside forces to start to raise your game and the results in your business.  It starts with you.  You are the global force in your company that impacts and touches each area of the business.  So challenge yourself to be a bigger, better force and watch with delight how your results start to change immediately.


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