Your Beliefs are Sabotaging You - Try these Tools to Reach Higher

September 25, 2014

Have you ever had a favorite competitor or team that was so dominant, they had destroyed the competition before they even got on the field or reached the start line? These athletes have a success mindset and it’s a necessity for you in business today.   All super successful entrepreneurs or business persons recognize that their mindset is an advantage they carry into every situation, every day.

You, your customers, your team and co-workers all have pre-conceived notions and ideas that form your beliefs around work. It could be beliefs around pricing, effort, money, if clients like you, whether you’re better at sales, or any aspect of your daily work. The beliefs you start each day with determine your effectiveness in sales, in customer service, in leadership. It impacts what you make each year as income and how you capitalize on opportunities.

Here are some key exercises to master your mindset and identify your limitations:

1. How do you define your skills and abilities?

a) Ask yourself this, what am I not good at? Make a list.

b) Now let us ask, how do you know? Is it an opinion, or a fact? Very often people’s limitations are based on a belief about what they can’t do. It’s an opinion that they are “not really creative”, “not good with numbers” or “bad in front of clients”. Is this really true? Most of the time it is a lack of practice and a belief in that limitation which creates the results over and over.

c) Look at what your list is; now write out what you would need to do to get good at these things. What would you need to practice? Where could you get help? Who could mentor you? Creating an action plan of steps to improve a limitation often uncovers its temporary nature.

2. Play Out the Ideal in Your Head – if you want to get comfortable with a new belief you need to play with it in your imagination. For example, if you aren’t making enough money, you need to start to imagine what it might be like to make double or triple. What would you spend it on? What would those big paycheques feel like to receive? Write one out to yourself and see how it feels in your hands. 

3. Once you really start to enjoy imagining the new situation it is easier to start to say, how could I do it?  While it starts with you feeling comfortable before you start to create it, once you feel some comfort, you MUST start to take action steps that move you towards that new reality.   More comfort with a new belief, without action, is wasted progress.

4. Create an action plan in addition to your weekly to-do list that moves each of your beliefs and new objectives forward.   Focus on the big picture as well as the daily tasks you need to complete.

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