Personal Touch Your Way to Success:

February 25, 2015

No matter what position or role you play in a company, personal touch matters. How are you putting a personal touch on things with your co-workers? Your suppliers? Your customers? 

Sure people all sent out those cards, chocolates or a fruit basket this past December. What about now, in March? Adding a personal touch is something you need to do each day, week and month to build relationships and maximize your success.

Here are a couple of rules for personal touches:

1. Small Works - It doesn’t have to be big things.   The size of the gesture is not as important as the gesture itself.

2. Personalized - means hand written or direct from you.  It is not some order form, standardized, generic item or computer generated message.

3. Random Works Best – everyone expects items on their birthday.  What about a random Tuesday?  The surprise of receiving something is half the fun.

4. Know the Person - and do something they appreciate.  If your supplier is a huge fan of a sport, then give them something related to their team or send them tickets.  Getting a gift that says, For You, and clearly demonstrates it is powerful.

5. The Person Not the Company – giving someone 10% off their invoice is great for the company but its not as effective as a small something they can use themselves.

Here are ideas you can use no matter what time of year or what position you are in:

1. Personalized notes – attach a little handwritten note of thanks whenever you send papers out.

2. Personalized cards – send a card out saying thank you, great job or sharing some admiration. You appear more human than an email ever will.

3. Bring Food – send cookies to a client and watch the reaction. Bring donuts to the Monday meetings and show someone you thought of the team.

4. Send Kudos to the Boss – send a message to the boss letting him/her know what a great job was done by them (they’re people too).

5. Magazine subscription – get a client a magazine subscription they will love. It’s a gift that gives for 12 months!

6. Inspirational Sayings – put some inspirational message in the kitchen or the boardroom for people to read and appreciate

7. Wrap it Up – next time you send a report, a book, a part – wrap it up like a gift. Amazon does it with books and people love it.

8. Gift cards – send someone a gift card every week with a note telling them how they impact you.

9. Take Someone for Lunch – who never seems to leave the office? Take them out for lunch on you and get to know them.

Use little extras like this to make a big impact on people … and watch more opportunities and success find you.   Ask us at InstantAnswers about bigger, better ideas for service programs that drive growth!


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