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May 18, 2017

Most of the time when we talk to entrepreneurs about adding value, they come up with some discount in price or some way to bundle products to sell more.

What Value Can You Add?

How often have you been offered a “free consultation” and you know it’s just a sales call disingenuously masked as a value add.

There are keys to offering more value to your customers AND just as important, to your prospective customers and even your suppliers.

Here are 5 Impacting Ways to Add Value effectively and from the heart:

  1. You need to promise NOT to sell me something.  Too often the offer of added value is then morphed into a sales pitch for services or something else.  It’s ineffective and leaves a terrible taste in anyone’s mouth.  So don’t sell anything!
  2. Make the value personal whenever you can.  Adding value could be some form of thank you or referral gift.  You can imagine the impact of a personalized, well thought out gift that is couriered to my office versus a discount on my next order.  One works, the other doesn’t.
  3. Ensure you really do create value.  Your version of adding value is only actually adding value if your clients or the people you meet say, WOW, this was awesome.  So often someone says they are providing this as an added value and I secretly think, well great but I don’t care.  Ensure its valuable by asking for confirmation OR by their obvious reaction.
  4. Your add value might come from someone else.  Sometimes what our business colleagues really need isn’t from us.  Maybe it’s an introduction or a source of a service they can trust.  Maybe it’s a new client for them. Leverage your network to make valuable introductions for the experts needed instead of trying to fix it all yourself.
  5. Added Value is powerful when it WOWs.  Too often our intentions to add value gets overridden by the practical limits we impose – someone needs your financial analysis but because it might take too long, you just send an email of ideas.  Someone desperately needs a good lawyer, but instead of personally sourcing one for them, you recommended LinkedIn.  The real power of a good Value Add is your commitment to make the effort to create the WOW of appreciation.

Be Bold in what you do to offer Added Value.  Make it substantial enough that it impacts people even if they don’t take you up on your offer.  Remember that adding value is simply about that – it is not about expecting reciprocation ten days later.

When anyone is struggling in their market or with their clients, we recommend a dramatic case of Add Value as a first step in the Give More, Get More cycle. 

What are you prepared to do for your clients, prospects and vendors today?


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