7 Signs That You Need Outside Help

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May 06, 2008

Many business owners and staff members ask how they can know when it’s the right time for training, coaching or external support. The easy answer is, right now! The more correct answer is based on where in the marketplace your business is found , the time of year, the level of innovation and the clarity of your goals. It is also based directly on your team’s skills, attitude, openness and time commitment.

Here are some great ways to know when you need to get outside help from a coach, trainer or consultant …

1. When you look at the problems in your business and the solutions are always the same. 2. When you think of your last innovation and you need to flip to last year’s calendar. 3. Your internal process is the same as it was in the first year of the business, or on your first day of work. 4. There is no focus put on new tools, information or innovation for your people. Either that, or they don’t take advantage of what is offered. 5. The limits of the business match the limits of the owner or managers. 6. The team or owner needs a fresh set of ideas, new approaches or insights into the industry. 7. Apathy has become one of your key culture words.

Evolve Business Group offers coaching and training programs for performance and growth. We will help to transform your performance, grow your business and take ownership of your marketplace. We focus on growth areas of each client’s business: strategy, leadership and innovation for ownership and management; sales, customer service and personal development for teams.

Email us for a questionnaire on what your business might need and we’ll send it to you right away. Don’t wait to grow your team, your business or your personal performance!


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