7 Client Gift-Giving Guidelines that make YOU stand out

December 03, 2014

So often this time of year your mailbox is bombarded with holiday cards from business associates, maybe your realtor, a distant cousin and friends. The ones from friends tend to be the most effective because they usually take the time to write a personal message that impacts you and give you that special holiday feeling. As well, you get boxes of chocolates at the office … how many pounds of sweets do you really need?  

So while the holidays are a time to share and be thankful … it is also a time to differentiate and stand out!  Here are 7 great ideas for giving gifts that make an impact and stand out:

1) Give gifts and cards to clients, employees and key alliances, vendors, and even prospective clients. Don’t leave people out. You never know who is going to be most effected by your generosity. You reap what you sow; don’t limit your giving to just clients. All these groups help you build and operate your business.

2) Make the cards handwritten. Pre-printed cards or a Hallmark with just your signature actually can send the message that you don’t care enough to actually write something yourself. Sure, it takes an effort to customize a message and actually write it … that’s the point!

3) Gifts should be for the individual and not for the office or corporation. Items that are a benefit for your employer or company (coupon for discount on new work in 2015) have no personal value. Find items that people love on a personal basis; consumables, experiences or personal gifts.  Each of these has to be top quality and something outside the normal. Find suppliers that aren’t big box stores and make it delicious or a wow item to open.

4) Call an assistant or co-worker to really find out what makes that person tick or where their interests lie. A gift card from their favorite running store (if they run) or for the movies (if that’s a love of theirs) is always more memorable. Memorable means relationship and relationship means more business in the new year.

5) Ideal gifts and thank you’s can also have long term utility in order to keep them around for people. Find a gift that people will use for years to come with your logo on it.   If people can use it regularly and its top quality then your gift can be something that gives for years to come.

6) Sometimes the delivery of the gift can be half the fun. Now that does not mean it needs to be a singing telegram or flowers. Maybe it’s the delivery of a card that leads to a URL with the gift, or an invitation to lunch or your gift calling to book an appointment (like a spa day, all paid for). A little gift hunt makes you stand out.  Just be sure to not make it too confusing, time consuming or onerous.

7) Random is always key to great gift giving.  Random timing and surprise is tough to do with the expectation of the holidays and this season of thanks. Perhaps this year your December gift is part of a 12 month gift and the randomness will start in January when no one gets more gifts! 

Get 2015 off to the right start by ending 2014 with gratitude and some great differentiated giving. Need more ideas? Ask us at Instant Answers! 

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