6 Things Sales Masters do that You Don’t

November 27, 2014

We all know someone who is fantastic in sales and seems to make more money and have more success than all the other salespeople we know combined. These sales masters are great examples for every salesperson and business owner out there. Here is what they are doing that you likely not:

1. Sell Everyday:  For most people in a sales role or a business development role (especially owners), sales is a thing you jump into some days and other days you focus on accounts, operations, delivery and service.  Sales Masters are focused on selling everyday – some prospecting, networking, even cold calling everyday to keep their prospect list full.

2. Stand Out:  Sales Masters are never just another salesperson calling to pitch a product or service. They know their market implicitly, they research, they have a proprietary sales process, and they offer more value or package of their offering so that it can’t be matched by the competition.   This can be tricky and requires creativity but is a game changer.

3. Kind Persistence Follow-up: Kind Persistence is the description of the type of follow-up Sales Masters do; repeated, on-going, friendly, consistent, follow-up. They are always kind and don’t get upset when people don’t respond. They know it could take time and many attempts. They just keep at it until people are moved to act. Most of us make 1-2 attempts and quit discouraged.

4. Over-Service Clients: Sales Masters are also masters of service for their clients.   This service is not always delivered directly but Masters want to know and ensure that service is outstanding. They ask for feedback and create relationships that extend beyond the transactions.

5. Referrals Rain Down: Through their over service efforts and customer concerns they create an environment perfect for referrals … and then they ask. They ask clients for referrals and have active referral programs for people to participate in. They have a very high conversion rate for their sales because referrals are an important foundational to their process.

6. Yes or No Fast: Sales Masters aren’t hurt by the people that don’t buy and they aren’t overwhelmed with celebration when they do sell successfully. Either outcome is just an outcome. Sales Masters recognize that they need to get people to a yes or no decision as fast as possible in order to create their own success.

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