5 Things You MUST Do to Ensure 2017 Rocks

December 16, 2016
What do you have planned for 2017?
As the end of the year approaches, everybody looks towards the new year and all the promise it can bring.   People also tend to romance what the new year is going to be.  Many people assume that 48 hours off with family will bring them a plan, new habits, new opportunities and relaxation and renewed wellbeing.  It’s a tall order. 

We know that is not true.  It is only by changing your holiday routine and process that you are able to have all those things develop for the new year.  So here is our suggestion of the 5 critical things you need to do in order to make sure that 2017 is a strong year for you!

  1. Rest – when we say rest we mean away from your business and your day to day operations as much as possible.   Just saying you’re going to be home for a few days but constantly checking email, answering texts and being in the mindset of work, is not effective rest.  Take the holidays as a holiday.  Put an out of office on your email.   Tell people you’re checking out OR just turn off your technology.  You know what you’ll find generally?  You miss nothing.  Getting some downtime is critical to refueling and having some new energy and insight into January.  If you aren’t resting and recovering during the Christmas holiday break, then when are you doing it?  We recommend quarterly vacations and this must be one of them.
  2. Plan – Let’s be honest.  After 2-3 days of lounging with family, you could use a little mental stimulation.  So getting some quiet time to reflect on the past year and look towards the goals and objectives of the new year is ideal.  This doesn’t need to be a 2 day offsite planning session.  It does need to be a reflection of your personal performance as well as your business’ performance.  If you’re not sure where to begin, download our Holiday Workbook to give you some guidance (Holiday Workbook).
  3. Celebrate – As part of your planning, and part of the holiday season, celebrate.  Not just what gifts you may have gotten but really celebrate the successes you’ve had in the last year.  What things have you experienced and achieved?  What things have been completed or achieved in your business?  Take a moment of gratitude to recognize these and give yourself a pat on the back.  Too often we go into a new year immediately looking at the things still outstanding instead of celebrating everything completed and done well.   Sure, add in a drink or two if it helps your celebration mood!
  4. Change – Different results will not come in 2017 unless you look at what behaviors, habits and processes need to change.   Start with your own habits as an entrepreneur and think a little about how your “ideal self” would operate differently.  You need to recognize that a better performance in the new year is going to be based on changes to your approach, tools and habits.  What things would you like to see change in your business?   Again, document what works well (to celebrate it) and what needs improvement (to identify change).   Don’t create a laundry list of changes.  Choose your top 3 and focus only on those for January.
  5. Give – Now the holidays may provide many opportunities to give to your family but also think about the abundance you have in your business and how you can give more from there.  Is your business giving back to community?  Could you be giving more to a social cause your company could champion?   If you want to see more sales, cash and abundance in your business in 2017, you need to think more about how you can give more in the new year too.   It is a cycle and momentum that starts with the giving part.   Not sure what else to do?  Try visiting kickstarter.com and see who else you can contribute to.
Take time to rest and rejuvenate.

The critical piece of these two items is probably the Rest and the Plan portion.  It is what separates you from the average joe that comes back to their business in January and just gets back on the same hamster wheel for another year of effort.   Come back to your business with a rested, renewed sense of purpose and energy.  Dive into 2017 with a strong sense of your plan and purpose for the next 12 months.   In doing all 5 of these steps, you’ll establish a new tradition and process that will give back to you every day for the next year.

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