5 Steps to Maximize Each Work Day

October 16, 2014

Most of us start each workday off with the same old routine of the Big 3 … coffee, voicemail and email.  Before we know it, it’s lunch time and we have more emails and voicemails than we did at the beginning of the day. We show up at meetings with a passive participation (mostly managing our coffee or water) and sometimes look to kill that last hour before we head home.   It is work existence and not career engagement.

So how do we move from that work existence to one that breathes more life into us and also produces results that get noticed?

First off, what are you working for? Most people have a vision for their work that ends at a paycheck. If all you are working for is a payday then your chances of growth, challenge and opportunity are limited. If it’s your company and you’re owner, you had better really be focused on something larger.

Here are Evolve’s suggestions for Bigger and Better …

1. Have a career path for yourself within the company and also for the long term. Lets say you want to be the creative director and you are currently a designer; then know the roles you will need to fill to get there. MOST important is to let people know what your goals are and to discuss how you could move towards your ideal role – leaders want to know which of their people are ambitious and focused.   This is tempered with a reasonable timeline and necessary skills but express your plan and see how people rally to help make your career steps happen.

2. What is it about being the boss that seems better than your current job? Often it can be achieved without changing roles. A friend of ours liked that the boss got to take days off to be with his kids. Rick approached the boss and made a case for working flexible hours to be with his kids and in exchange would work an extra 2.5 hours a week. The boss jumped at the offer and Rick got the freedom he wanted; the freedom he thought was outside his reach.

3. With each day you need to make an impact and not just be present. When you start your day, look at what needs to be done and start with the item you can see will make an impact. Start with most important when everyone else starts with most urgent and you will stand out (if you are not sure, ask. Just having a team member who is thinking about impact makes a difference with most owners/managers).

4. Go the extra mile – it is an old clique from Napoleon Hill but going the extra mile and demonstrating that you are thinking about the business beyond just your role makes a huge impact on the boss and the organization. When our marketing manager came to us last month and said she had been thinking about online marketing and had create a report for us with a suggestion of sites, ad ideas and alliances, we were thrilled.

5. Create value and all the opportunity you want can be yours. At the end of the day, your compensation is a result of your work. The result. You want more, create more. Not sure how, ask someone. Brainstorm with a co-worker. If you are the owner then your role is to create more value for your team and your clients. Big value starts with big thinking and ends with the big reward.

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