10 Ways to Crush it in 2018

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February 02, 2018

1. Ask Better Questions

The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your choices. Your choices are dependent on the quality of your decisions–which are based on the information you have and make available to yourself. The information you gather always comes back to what questions you ask. This is true in your business and in your life. This year, start asking questions that allow you to see a different angle of problems that maybe other people don’t see. Good questions lead to innovative solutions and options that will propel you forward faster. If you want a better quality of business and life – ask better questions.

2. Take More Downtime

It has always been counter-intuitive to me personally for someone to suggest, if you want to get more done, take more time off. I now see the wisdom of this for myself after finally listening to people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates promoting this idea. The role of the entrepreneur is as much about thinking as it is about doing. In order to keep your thinking fresh you need to get away from the problems and situation more regularly. By taking more time away from work and creating more downtime or scheduling a Think Week, you rejuvenate your creativity, your acumen and your insight. So for your health, and your business growth, take more days off in 2018.


3. Become a Strong Marketer First

A significant issue for most entrepreneurs and business owners is generating enough business. While the problem seems perpetual, most of us never become experts in the area of business that leads all others. Sales, production, delivery, are all preceded by marketing. Nike became a breakout business with global growth when they realized they were a marketing company as much as they were a shoe or athletic apparel company. Use 2018 to develop a strong understanding of marketing tools and options you have. Make your business a marketing powerhouse and eliminate the problem and worry of new sales. Set yourself up for continuous business growth once and for all.


4. Focus on Profit

Profits in a business are about the health of the business. But profits are so much more than that; profits represent choice. Profits are ways to re-invest in the business, ways to grow, ways to share and most importantly, ways to reward yourself, the owner. Too many entrepreneurs take care of staff, customers, vendors and everyone else with their focus on profits being a distant last. In 2018, focus on the health of your company by pushing the level of profitability you can achieve. Demonstrate that you can sell just as much but delivery it more effectively, efficiently and cheaper. Monitor that bottom line consistently. Then have more profits to work with. Write it down–2018 is going to be a super profitable year!


5. Leverage Others

Stop believing that you need to handle everything yourself. You don’t need to be the one to see each order, sign each cheque or manage each task. Look for all the places you can leverage your time and skills in your business and also in your personal life (cleaner, yard maintenance, driver) to free you up. Your real job is to be thinking about the business – not just delivering it. So commit to working yourself out of your company and daily role. It will increase the value of your business and give you more life back. Other people delivering and helping are the key to your business success.


6. Work it Out

Physical strength, stamina and health give you confidence, energy and optimism. So the commitment to a healthy you is essential to your leadership and your abilities as an entrepreneur. Chef Gordon Ramsay, who runs an empire of restaurants, TV shows and cooking related products globally said that when he became a triathlete that his business mind and execution improved dramatically. Every day as an owner you face a multitude of challenges that drain your energy, try to shake your confidence and pull you off course. Yes, there are obvious health benefits of exercise but there are business benefits too! Pick up a weight, go for a walk, take a rowing class–find something you enjoy. To show up as the best you for your team, your clients and your stakeholders, you need to be committed to self care in 2018.


7. Plan for Action

Do you make a plan in December or January for your business year or your personal goals, only to revisit it again in June or possibly never? In 2018, take your plans and make them actions. Move each goal or objective into steps to be completed. Then move those steps (or tactics) to a calendar so that the delivery and completion of your plans are something you can see on the timeline of the year. When you know, week by week, the steps necessary to complete every one of your goals you can manage it and succeed at it. Having a plan you review every week brings confidence, a sense of control and allows you to lead others with commitment. Don’t have a plan? Download and complete the Evolve Strategic Planning 2018 Workbook.


8. Demonstrate Gratitude

If you have ever followed or watched Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, you know that gratitude is the compass for his career and growing business empire. Nothing is as impacting as the power of gratitude to boost the enjoyment of your work and life. When you are focused on what you’re thankful for, it lowers your blood pressure, focuses you on the things you’re achieving and makes you present–ALL things that make you a better entrepreneur. Take time daily to think about what you’re grateful for and get your team focusing each week on where they can be grateful in the business and their roles. People are drawn to a leader and organizations where gratitude lives.


9. Expand your Mind

What are you learning this year in your company and in your personal life? For your business to be more, you need to be more. For your life to be richer, you need to be learning and applying new things. Famous CEO’s from Bill Gates to Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg absolutely swear by reading as a daily and weekly skill that makes them ultra competitive with innovative perspectives on problems. Commit to reading more, taking courses, listening to podcasts and gaining new skills. When you become a learner then you also have more chance to become a teacher. This can be with your staff, your customers or your personal connections. Teach the people around you from a place of “help” and watch them flourish and support you in return.


10. Invest in Relationships

This year commit to investing in relationships that challenge you, support you and elevate you. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong networks of friends, colleagues, clients and mentors. Join a breakfast club, attend an event outside your industry or research associations for like-minded entrepreneurs. Step out of your office – try a new coffee shop, take a new exercise class–strategically seek people that will inspire you to be more, do more and learn more. Combine that with people that you really enjoy and can be authentic with. Relationships are a core part of success and happiness in business, and in life .


It’s not too late! Download our  2018 Workbook and start planning for a groundbreaking year!


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